Taylor Momsen Doesn't Want You to See Her Naked (VIDEO)

Taylor MomsenTaylor Momsen isn't exactly known for her classy ways. Rather the 17-year-old Gossip Girl star has spent years flashing her boobs and various other body parts in her hell-bent, eyeliner-caked mission to prove to the world that she's bad girl. Recently, however, she was caught flashing a surprising hint of modesty.

While performing in London this past weekend with her band The Pretty Reckless, she was wearing a shirt just made for a nipple slip. The ripped and tattered t-shirt just needed the slightest breeze to bare her breasts, but when the breeze came, the audience got a surprise -- no nipple, just strips of black electrical tape she'd placed over them in neat little X's.

Now, after all this time and flashing, she doesn't want us to see her naked? Could it be that Taylor Momsen is finally showing signs of growing up


While a bra would have been better, it's a baby step ... for this baby.

The tape is actually kind of brilliant, and I bet Khloe Kardashian wishes she'd thought of it before her little mishap last week. The potential for such a fashion savior is huge, just think of all the various colors of tape to be had. In fact, someone should definitely start producing some designer tape bras -- c'mon Kardashians, this business opportunity has your names all over it. Save stars and wannabees everywhere from embarrassing nip slips!

Maybe there's even an opportunity for you to go even lower and develop one to eliminate those pesky crotch shots that seem to plague Hollywood. There's going to have to be some work done to eliminate the obvious ouch factor upon removal (eek!), but Momsen is definitely on to something here.

Of course, the best news about the tape bra is that Momsen actually thought to cover herself, instead of thinking about how she can make her bad self even badder. So nice going Taylor, maybe one day you'll actually put on some pants?

You can't see much of the tape in the following video, but it gives you an idea of how it worked, and how fortunate it is that it was there.

Would you ever use electrical tape to cover your nipples? Do you think it's a sign that Taylor Momsen is growing up?

Image via YouTube

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