Emily Maynard Should Rethink Her 'Fame' Strategy

Emily Maynard and Brad Womack may have ended their short-lived relationship, but now Maynard is said to be clamoring for her own turn to be the center of male attention. She wants to be the next Bachelorette.

The question, of course, is will she be? And the answer? Duh. If she wants it, it's hers.

Us Weekly claims she is talking to ABC about it, live blogging the current show, and really hoping they let her do it because she "wants to be a star." Well, she may be the Bachelorette and we may be talking about her, but "star"? I am not so sure.


Here is the thing about using reality shows to achieve "stardom": It never happens. On all the reality shows over the past decade or more, how many people actually have careers that don't involve being trotted out on various spin-offs of their reality show? Or, they end up with someone like Trista Sutter, more a "star" in the tabloids and on ABC/CBS/whatever network they were on than anywhere else.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is really the only person I can think of off-hand who found real fame following reality TV. To a lesser extent, Melissa Rycroft has also become famous, but her fame is almost directly tied to her show. At this point, Hasselbeck is more famous for The View than for Survivor, but she is the only one.

Reality shows don't make stars. They make fools. We laugh at them, but most of us don't consider them as anything except pure Twinkie-like entertainment. Anyone who wants to go on a reality show to make their career might soon find themselves at 35 still going on Road Rules/Real World Challenge. Is there anything sadder than that spectacle?

Emily has a child and she has a life. The lure of Hollywood is likely strong, but she would be better off taking other offers and dissociating herself from The Bachelor as much as possible.

The fact is, most of us see the show as a dating show. If your desire to be on it is more about fame than about finding a mate, then you aren't likely to have a career from it. Trista Sutter is famous because she was successful. Had she not found love, she would have faded into the woodwork like the countless other bachelorettes who only come out on occasion to promote the show.

Don't do it Emily! Preserve your dignity!

Do you think Emily Maynard should be the next Bachelorette?


Image via ABC

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