Bruce Springsteen & 'Glee' Just Don’t Jive

bruce springsteenGlee has had some big guest stars drop by McKinley High -- and it's no surprise, the show is a juggernaut -- but there has yet to be a guest as big as, say, Boss man himself, Bruce Springsteen. (Sorry, Gwyneth; yes, you're important, too.) But show producer Ian Brennan would like for that to change. When asked who his dream cameo would be, Brennan told E! News that he would love to feature The Boss on the show's third season. As a motivational speaker. Bwah?

Here's the thing, despite the fact that Bruce did go to the same high school as me -- and he is always floating around my hometown -- I've never spoken to him. (I know.) But I do think I know him well enough to know that he would never do Glee.

Gasp, never do Glee?! Yes, never to Glee!


The Boss is a notoriously private guy. And he's a bad ass. His nickname is "The Boss" for Chrissake! I like Glee just as much as the next guy, but I don't think he would mesh well with Will Schuester, Rachel Berry, and Kurt Hummel. They all have such loud personalities. Bruce is more pensive. Oh, and Bruce Springsteen doesn't dance, so don't ask him. He effing rocks out, if you must know.

And if Glee were to get Bruce Springsteen on the show -- a motivational speaker? Really? Clearly, the producers know what they're doing, so who am I to say (but I will), but why not, like, a high school dropout who works at the local liquor store? The town mechanic? Something working class and rough around the edges -- you know how Bruce does. A motivational speaker kind of dude he is not.

No matter, though, 'cause like I said, I highly doubt Bruce would ever do the show. It just doesn't seem like him. And him not like it. So never the twain shall meet. I would love to see more "singers" on Glee next season -- how 'bout Katy Perry, Pink, or even Beyonce. But Bruce Springsteen? No, my Gleeks, Bruce is just too cool.

Who would you love to see on Glee?


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