Lily Allen Married & Pregnant Again!

Lily Allen and Sam CooperLily Allen got married today in Gloucester, England, to her boyfriend of more than two years, Sam Cooper. Though the event was no secret, as some loser earlier leaked the date, in the end, the ceremony was lovely, and Allen was glowing with happiness. Adding to the joyous event was some totally surprising news that Cooper announced to guests: they're pregnant again!

Last November she suffered her second heartbreaking miscarriage in about two years' time.  She has made it known that motherhood is her ultimate dream, and what a wonderful way to share the happy news with family and friends. According to News of the World, she's about 16 weeks along, and while not obviously pregnant, I did suspect she was the second I saw the pictures.


Her dress, in keeping up with the traditional lacy trend set by Kate Middleton, was gorgeous. Designed by French designer Delphine Manive, it was simple and elegant, with a long, fishtail train and flowing veil. She looked gorgeous, but ... what was that thing on her head?

I know the British have this thing with wacky headpieces, but this is just so ... Princess Leia. Similarly designed earmuffs could actually be quite cute, but for a wedding, I'm not feeling it. The rest of the ceremony and day, however, was reportedly lovely with about 100 guests including family and friends.

In another nod to the recent royal wedding, Lily's sister Sarah Owen may have been trying to do a Pippa Middleton and upstage the bride. Check out the getup she showed up to the wedding in and see if you don't think so. Holy cleavage!

In the end, none of it matters because Allen and Cooper are well on their way to seeing all of their dreams realized, and I couldn't be happier for them. Here's to a wonderful healthy pregnancy!

What do you think of Lily Allen's wedding dress and headpiece?

Image via Splash News

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