Jennifer Hudson Must Have an Iron Stomach

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
What is up with celebs and hospitals today? Singer Jennifer Hudson is now said to have been hospitalized today. This news comes right after we heard Selena Gomez had a hospital visit last night. What are the celebrity chefs feeding these poor women. Hudson was treated for food poisoning while Gomez had nausea and a severe headache.

Both ladies totally toughed it out on the air and gave interviews without so much as a grimace while feeling under the weather. Selena Gomez did an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show before being rushed to the hospital while Jennifer Hudson performed in Central Park as part of today's Good Morning America. When you watch what aired, you CANNOT tell in the slightest that either of them are in pain. Now I've had food poisoning, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy -- seriously it's 100 times worse than the worst super flu -- and yet somehow Jennifer Hudson sang an entire song and did multiple interviews while dealing with it.


I don't know how Jennifer Hudson got through singing an entire song and talking to those annoying reporters while plagued by food poisoning. Maybe it was just in the gnarly early stages or something when you feel like your body has been filled to the rim with something awful, but when I had it, there was no venturing farther than a few inches from the toilet. For hours. Many hours.

There would be no singing, let alone dancing, laughing, or standing upright. Speaking may have been the death of me.

Now I'm not saying I don't believe Jennifer Hudson had food poisoning. Why wouldn't I? She was all set to perform on CBS's Early Show as well but had to cancel because of "abdominal pain." Mostly, I am commenting on and amazed by her fortitude and professionalism. Dang! Sometimes we get jealous of celebrities' lives; however, it's times like these that remind us that we can at least call in sick when we're in the throes of stomach Armageddon. We don't have a bigtime show and tons invested, from fans and networks and sponsors and otherwise, riding on our health and our ability to hold off all hell from breaking loose from our bodies.

Poor Jennifer. Wishing you well. Food poisoning is not fun. Get well soon!

Have you ever had food poisoning? Could you imagine performing with it?


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