'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout May Elope!

Of all the girls on Teen Mom, Maci Bookout really seems to have her head on the straightest. Now, as she plans her wedding to Kyle King, she is proving it even more.

The couple was recently engaged and she is considering eloping, not because she wants to skip the wedding, but out of respect both for the father of her child and for the people she and Kyle know who are out of work.

To her, spending a lot of money on a lavish wedding is wasteful. That's a pretty good lesson to send to her son. More and more, it seems like she really is the best of the bunch of teen moms.


Still, I am not convinced on Kyle. At least not yet. Perhaps it isn't fair to judge him from what little I saw of him on TV, but it did seem like he wasn't the world's most attentive and loving boyfriend during Season 2. In fact, they broke up soon after she moved across the state to be with him.

The thing is, at 19 and 23, people grow and change and they break up and make up and it's all good. But why make it permanent so young? I will keep my fingers crossed for Maci and Kyle that this wedding is the right decision. Either way, Maci is a great woman and whatever she does, she will do it responsibly.

Do you think she is smart to elope?


Image via MTV

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