'Breaking Dawn' Sex Scene May Be Too Good to Be True

Our favorite films are meant to be escape. Especially films like the Twilight movies, which are hardcore fantasy. But Twi-hards take their fantasies very seriously. Hence why rumors swirling that Rob Pattinson may have used a body double in the Breaking Dawn sex scenes better not be true!


The theory stems from stills taken from the Breaking Dawn trailer that everyone's heart stopped over several days ago. He does look crazy buff in the pics -- especially the one where he's holding onto/ripping up the windowsill (as pictured here) ...

Anyone who knows the Breaking Dawn plot knows that the director and cinematographer clearly wanted to show Edward's strength in the scene. Maybe it was so important to them that they actually did have a double step in? Or they tweaked his muscles in post-production using Photoshop?

But -- no! Say it isn't so!

That would just be awful if they really messed with Rob's bod. I get that they're trying to do Stephenie Meyer's story justice, but that would be cheating the fans. No one needs faux muscles! Twilight fans are happy enough with Rob as he is. Plus, if it was ever confirmed that these shots were of a double or they tweaked them in post, it would just completely detract from the intensity of the moment and screw with our suspension of disbelief. Am I right?

The good news is that there's probably no truth to the rumor. Another gossip site reports that a rep from Summit Entertainment stated, "A body double was NOT used."

I'm happy with that answer, and I'll stick to that version of the story. Because I prefer to think of Rob as one of those lanky, more svelte guys who has "secret muscles" -- coming soon to a theater near us -- under his button-down shirts.

What do you think -- did Rob use a body double or no way? If it was fake, would you want to know?


Image via YouTube

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