5 Signs You're a Real 'Twilight' Fan

Sure, you know what the two charms on Bella's bracelet are (a wolf and a heart, of course) and what the Quileutes were before they became shape-shifters (spirit warriors!), but how do you know if you're a real Twi-Hard? If you can see yourself committing any of these acts of devotion, you're more than a Twi-Hard -- you're Twi-Hardcore.

  1. Give your baby a temporary New Moon tramp stamp. That's what this Mom did! New "Moon," get it? Right over that little butt crack? Bet that kid's name is Bella.
  2. Write an article about a man who died at a screening of Eclipse ... and talk more about the movie's plot than the unexplained death, as in the case of one New Zealand reporter. "Yeah, so, they found this dead guy at a movie theatre ... but seriously, didn't you think that one scene was killer?"
  3. Propose with a $1,979 Twilight engagement ring. Designed by Stephenie Meyer herself, this ring is just like the one Edward slips on Bella's finger. To die for!
  4. Name your firstborn son "Cullen." According to the Social Security Administration, this name has gone shooting through the popularity stratosphere over the past couple of years (Bella, Jacob, and Edward are high on the list, too).
  5. Make a YouTube video of yourself having a psychotic episode while watching the Breaking Dawn trailer. 

Just like this girl:

Are you Twi-Hardcore?


Image via PhamousFotos / Splash News

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