Katy Perry Is Living Vicariously Through Rebecca Black (VIDEO)

Rebecca BlackRebecca Black must have a fairy godmother on speed dial. Today is Thursday. Yesterday was Wednesday. We're not due for another dose of her until, well, Friday. But here we are, a whole day early, and looking at the YouTube star in a Katy Perry video teaser.

It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, and you may not recognize her without her underage convertible driving besties, but sure enough the auto-tuned teen has got a cameo in Perry's video for "Last Friday Night." So did the teenager did just find herself a mentor? Let's examine the facts y'all. First, a look at the video:


Did you catch it? It's just a promo, and thank goodness, because I had to hit repeat about 30 times to catch what PopEater saw in the crowd scene (hint hint). If it was the full video, I would have spent waaaay too many working hours trying to catch Rebecca sitting there in the red shirt. 

Was anyone really surprised? Yeah, Katy got a LOT of flak when she played a show in Melbourne, Australia on a Friday back in April and covered Black's ditty at the height of the hate. But much of the seething anger has been stamped out. In part because, ahem, the Internets are fickle. This week it's Weiner's wiener. Can anyone remember what it was last week? Exactly. The Gleeking out of the teen tune helped give it context too; it reminded America she's JUST a kid. "Friday" doesn't have to be an existentialist addition to musical history. Not when millions of people spend Monday night watching The Bachelorette.

Maybe I'm reaching (probably), but I can't help thinking that Katy's life story plays a big role here. Rebecca Black's song is about being a normal teen, something Katy Perry has often told the media she never was but yearned to be. Raised by evangelical parents who wouldn't even allow her to say the words "deviled eggs," to heck with (gasp) daisy dukes and bikini tops, her new video is an ode to teenage debauchery starring her dorky alter ego, Kathy Beth Terry at a high school rager.

It's Rebecca Black of "partyin', partyin', partyin', yeah" in oh, four years? Five? Or! Or! She can take advantage of having Katy Perry in her corner, who has obviously been sweet enough to give a young girl just starting out in the music biz and give her a big push. Rebecca Black can go the normal teenage route and attend all the ragers, or she can let Katy Perry be her fairy godmother.

What do you think? Katy gets a second chance at a more normal teenagehood; Rebecca gets a chance to go beyond the auto-tune, everyone wins?


Image via YouTube

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