Sheryl Crow Makes a Good Case Against Going Commando (VIDEO)

Kid Rock and Sheryl CrowOh, it was a hot night at the Country Music Awards last night. Teen sensation Justin Bieber received an award; Jason Aldean performed with rapper Ludacris; and Sheryl Crow flashed the crowd. Hank Williams was surely rolling over in his grave.

It was Crow's wardrobe malfunction that has generated the most buzz, of course. The 49-year-old mother of two looked hot in a micro mini (that looked quite similar to the one Mila Kunis wore at the MTV Awards Sunday) and some smokin' high heels. The problem came when she sat on a stool to sing "Collide" with Kid Rock, and she accidentally flashed the crowd.

And another celebrity crotch shot was caught!


WATCH the performance (flash occurs around 3:10):

How she thought that wouldn't happen when she was wearing that skirt and sitting on a stool is beyond me -- it seems physically impossible and would perhaps be a good challenge for some kind of reality show. But fortunately for Sheryl (and the rest of America), hers was as classy and clean as a crotch can be because she actually was wearing underwear.

And she had a good sense of humor about it. When she returned to the stage with Sara Evans to introduce Lady Antebellum, she said, "People are tweeting that when I stood up from the stool, my underwear was showing."

Evans said, "At least you were wearing underwear," and Crow shot back, "Cuz I am good clean family entertainment."

You know, country music has come a long way lately, especially when it comes to the cool factor. And while it's not Lady Gaga flashing her breasts, Crow's moment provides a certain edge I suppose ... at least as edgy as country music can be.

In the end, Crow provides a good lesson for all (Lindsay Lohan are you listening?): Underwear is your friend.

What do you think of Sheryl Crow's crotch shot?

Image via YouTube

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