Nicolas Cage Passes Rage Gene Onto Son (VIDEO)

Nicolas CageWeston Cage's lunch yesterday in Hollywood started out with the makings of a big joke, but the results are not so funny for anyone involved. Cage, 20, the son of actor Nicolas Cage, was dining with his personal trainer when the trainer reportedly  told him he couldn't order what he wanted off the menu. Apparently hungry and then some, Cage didn't take kindly to the advice, and tried to take the trainer down, even attempting to get him with a roundhouse kick.

The trainer was, well, a trainer, and pretty buff, and started pummeling Cage, who is lead singer of the metal band, Eyes of Nocturn. Witnesses got it on tape, and it's brutal. Frighteningly, there are crowds of people watching and filming the fight, but doing nothing to help. Check it out here:


Thankfully, you hear someone in the video call the police instead of NOONE doing anything. Police arrived, told him they'd tase him if he didn't cooperate and ended up strapping Cage to a gurney to transport him to the hospital. It was major. 

But was all that really over not being able to eat some fries, or whatever the forbidden food may have been?

It's pretty likely he has some deeper mental issues going on than just lunch. Sources told TMZ he appeared to be under the influence of something at the time and that a fight with his new wife, Nikki Williams, that morning may have left him agitated.

Of course, there's also his family life. Papa Nicolas Cage certainly hasn't been the role model for sanity and good behavior, and it could be that he's passed some of his demons onto his son. Just this past April Nicolas faced domestic violence charges and then child abuse charges, not to mention the financial and drinking problems that have plagued him.

Weston was hospitalized and is currently undergoing a mental evaluation, according to the New York Daily News. Hopefully, he'll get the help he needs to turn his life around now, rather than to keep following in his father's footsteps for life.

Are you surprised to see Nicolas Cage's son involved in this kind of altercation?

Image via Kirk W/Flickr

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