Jennifer Connelly Isn't the Only Hippie Celebrity Mom

jennifer connellyCongrats to Jennifer Connelly, who recently gave birth to her third child, daughter Agnes Lark Bettany ... in a tub! Yup, mom to 13-year-old Kai and 7-year-old Stellan went the birthing pool at home route this time around. Why? They say giving birth in the water is supposed to be a no-meds method of reducing pain. Well, I can tell you from experience that it still hurts (a lot) but tub-laboring continues to gain popularity as more and more celeb moms go organic and au naturel. Just consider Connelly's famous hippie mom company:

Gisele Bundchen also gave birth in a tub, to son Benjamin, at her Boston home with Tom Brady. (Although because she's been quoted as describing her labor as "not even a little bit" painful, I doubt the veracity of this story.)


Jessica Alba plans on using hynobirthing for the birth of her second child. Will her resolve crumble? Will husband Cash Warren administer the meds himself? Anybody want to make a bet?

Alicia Silverstone is as 'Mother Earth' as they come: She's raising son Bear Blu vegan in a home with solar panels and an organic vegetable garden.

Julia Roberts, mother of three, has been caught on camera with hairy armpits and called a "stinky hippie" by an ex-bodyguard (not in a mean way; she just likes to save water by not showering). Bet those kids don't get doused in anti-bacterial spray every day!

Ricki Lake isn't just the owner of Home Birth Club for Women, she's also a client! Seriously, Lake felt so transformed by the natural birth of her second child that she made a documentary about natural childbirth called The Business of Being Born. That's hardcore hippie.

Who are your favorite Hollywood hippie mamas?


Image via etherealglimpse/Flickr

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