Hayden Panettiere Dating Dumb Jock Because She’s Bored

Hayden PanettiereScore one for the men in green. The Jets seventh round draft pick Scotty McKnight may not be a star on the field, but he knows a thing or two about dating one: the 23-year-old wide receiver has been seen getting touchy-feely with Hollywood honey, Hayden Panettiere.

I know what you're thinking: "But didn't Hayden, like, just break up with her old boyfriend, Wladimir Klits-something?"

Yes! Yes she did. She dumped Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Klitschko on May 12, which, yeah, was not even four weeks ago. Perhaps it was the neck sprains and altitude sickness that prompted the starlet to give the mandatory eight count to Klitschko. At 6'6" and 35 years old, Hayden traded in Klitschko for something a little younger and a little smaller: McKnight is 23, and 5'11".

I can't wait to see Hayden and Scotty film a Proactiv commercial together.


Right? I mean, these two youngins are just going to get all pimply rubbing faces and then boom: dual endorsement. I feel like zit cream and saving dolphins is the only thing Hayden cares about. Not that those are terrible things to be concerned about -- they're not! -- it's just that she hasn't exactly been relevant since bursting onto the scene five years ago in Heroes. Oh, OK. Go ahead and argue with me that I Love You, Beth Cooper and Scream 4 have kept Hayden in the spotlight, ga'head. Did you see those movies? Didn't think so.

I'm afraid our Hayden is devolving. She was so good in Heroes, I thought she had so much potential. And that button face and gymnast's body! Unstoppable. But instead of landing some great movie roles, or TV characters, she's slightly deteriorated to the level of hot reality star. We know who she is, we all have a crush on her, we'll read the headline on the cover of gossip magazines to find out who she's dating, we'll consider buying her pimple cleaner, but we won't want to see her act. Such is her sad fate.

Scotty McKnight will ride her semi-fame train 'til she dumps him for Mark Sanchez and then he'll be booted out of her life, and into the UFL. I do have some hope for Hayden though. She's young, she has time yet to turn it around. But if she doesn't, we'll be talking about her and Kristin Cavallari as if they're the same person.


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