7 Signs Kim Kardashian Didn't Cheat on Her Fiance

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is actually incapable of staying out of the tabloids. Blame it on the high demand for Kardashian Kraze, if you will. Today's news isn't another baby briefing. And yes, she's still engaged. The latest tabloid rumor is that she was "caught cheating" with NFL star Bret Lockett. The "other man" came out to In Touch Weekly, claiming the duo had a five-month affair complete with wild phone sex and kinky texts.

Um, sorry Charlie Bretty buddy, but I'm gonna call your baloney on this one. Kim's rep has already come out saying that Kim has no clue who Lockett is and is preparing to take legal action against both In Touch and him! And plus, Kim would NEVER cheat on fiance Kris Humphries. Let's look at the facts:


Lockett told In Touch Weekly that he and Kim started texting one another five months ago, and she asked him to send her a "sexy picture" of himself. His reply? "Be patient."

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say most men wouldn't tell THE Kim Kardashian to "be patient." I'd even go as far out on my limb (and risk falling off) to say that even I, a straight female in a committed relationship, would send Kim a sexy picture if she asked me for one. But that's just me.

To reiterate: Kim and Lockett have never met. He's the one going to the tabloids about this, not a "close source." And the cheating Lockett speaks of is solely Anthony Weiner style textual conversation? Repeat: No human contact. No dice, my friends. No dice.

And really, why would Kim EVER cheat on her beloved fiance? She wouldn't! And here's why:

1. That ring. Hello, everyone. It's 20.5 carats. You don't ditch 20.5 carats.

2. Kim's a family girl. The Kardashians are very family-oriented. She would never dare enter into a marriage agreement without their FULL support. That kind of blessing isn't earned easily. She's put Kris through the ringer with them, and I'd say she isn't planning on going back on all her hard-earned work anytime soon.

3. Kim will do anything to avoid bad press. Cheating? WORST. PRESS. EVER. Every socialite knows that! 

4. Have you seen Kris Humphries' eyes? His whole look may not be my style, but his eyes are portals to the soul, for sure. I melt.

5. Her wedding plans are fully underway. And she's already on the hunt for the perfect dress. Money doesn't grow on trees, people! Not even for the Kardashians.

6. Have you seen the preview for next season of Keeping Up? It's totally clear that she and the Humph are head-over-heels in love. Watching her straddling him in clear crystal water and him asking Bruce for her hand in marriage just makes my heart melt.

7. Wait, did I mention her engagement ring?

What do you think of Lockett's claims of his interactions with Kim? Do you think it's a bag of bull?


Image via In Touch Weekly

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