10 Best Meredith Vieira 'Today' Show Moments

meredith vieiraIt is a sad day in the A.M. talk show world. This morning, Meredith Vieira bid adieu to NBC's Today, and in the immortal words of Hoda Kotb, it was a "blubberfest."

Her co-hosts, Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales, all sported "I Love Meredith" shirts, and each offered a mini-tribute to the departing host. Matt spoke about her small ego; Curry talked about how they're "family"; and Morales waxed poetic over Vieira's general amazingness. Then, of course, Meredith offered her own tearful goodbye. Hoda was right.

Enough of the sappy stuff, though. Meredith's leaving to spend time with her family (not to mention she's stupid rich). Let's take a look at some of Meredith's greatest Today moments -- sans the tears.


Meredith has an awkward moment with James Franco. Franco, who was being interviewed by Vieira and Lauer for his Oscar nomination in 127 Hours, overheard Vieira talking to Colin Firth before his segment, who was also nominated. Things get awkward ... and dirty.


Meredith gets into an "icing fight" with Matt. Oh, you guys.

Meredith accidentally drops the "S" bomb on air. Isn't there supposed to be, like, a two-second delay or something?

Meredith goes sans makeup. You have to sit through a bit of Kathy and Hoda, but if you skip to around 2:20, there's Meredith. Bare-faced as the day is long.  

Meredith ice-skating with Will Ferrell. She's a great news anchor, not such a graceful skater.

Meredith challenges Hillary Clinton. This took some balls. Meredith's obviously got 'em.

Meredith dances with Apollo Ono. The skating didn't work out so much, so why not try dancing?

Meredith's first day on Today. She flubbed her line. It happens.

Meredith takes on McCain. And wins.

Meredith dances again. With the Rockettes!

What are some of your favorite Meredith Vieira moments?


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