'16 and Pregnant': Kianna's Gut Instinct Was Right

The 16 and Pregnant formula is often very similar: young girl with short relationship gets pregnant, her own father is missing, her mom was a teen mom herself, and the boyfriend has a lot more opinions before the baby than after. This was Kianna's episode almost start to finish.

In many ways, Kianna is the cliche of the girl you expect to see pregnant her senior year in high school. And yet, she is so likable. And so smart. And so mature for her age. Even Zak, her 15-year-old boyfriend, seemed to have his heart -- if not his head -- in the right place for their son. Still, it seems like maybe adoption would have made their lives easier.

I won't pretend I know how hard it would be to give a baby up for adoption. But I do know that Zak is 15 years old. He is too young to even get a job! For everyone's sake -- baby Kay'Den's most of all -- maybe they should have explored another choice.


The fact is, Kianna wanted to give the baby up and her mother, who was once a teen mom herself, supported that idea. It was ultimately Zak -- 15-year-old, mumbling Zak -- who talked her into keeping the baby because his own father was never around.

That is a horrible story and I feel for the kid, but that is just what he is: A kid. Kianna was looking at this like it was "their decision" when, ultimately, it wasn't. It was hers. Because it was Kianna who was up with the baby in the middle of the night, Kianna who would ultimately have to get a job (Zak is probably too young to work), and Kianna who will ultimately be left with the baby.

Call me a pessimist, but I don't see a bright future for these kids. At 15, most boys barely even know how to tie their shoes, let alone be a responsible and decent parent. It will ultimately be Kianna who gives everything up to have this baby.

Oh I know. Zak was so devoted last night and maybe I will be wrong. Maybe they really can make it. I hope so. But the odds are simply not good. He is so, so young and having a baby isn't nearly as easy as you imagine it will be.

At the end of all these shows, the moms almost always say they wish they had waited (it's part of the formula), but they DID have other choices. Even once they were pregnant. What I never understand is why they never even look into them. Fine, you don't believe in abortion (or "couldn't do it," as Kianna said), then look into open adoption or some variation of adoption that will give Kay'Den a loving family who is ready for a baby and both Zak and Kianna a chance at making their dreams come true.

A baby is something to be excited about, something to cherish and love. It's not a burden to bear and a hardship that makes everyone miserable. When a baby feels more like the latter, maybe mom SHOULD be exploring other options?

Do you think Kianna made a mistake keeping her son?


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