5 Best Kelly Clarkson National Anthem Performances (VIDEOS)

Kelly ClarksonTonight during Game 4 of the NBA Finals game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat, Kelly Clarkson took to the court to sing the National Anthem. She showed her Texas pride by wearing a Mavericks t-shirt and her national pride by belting out a beautiful rendition of our nation's song like few others can do.

The crowd clearly enjoyed it, and so did Clarkson, who tweeted afterward: "Just sang the anthem at the Mav's game and it is crazy here! I love Texans! We are so much fun! We're gonna win! Woo..."

Check out her performance here and see what you think:


Totally chill-inducing! I love her and have loved her since she won the very first season of American Idol. If I ever need the National Anthem sung, I'm totally calling her. She does it better than most anyone I've heard, and she does it often. Tonight was among my favorite performances she's given, but here are four other National Anthem performances by Kelly Clarkson that are amazing as well:

Here she is singing with Seal at this year's Indianapolis 500. This may be the best one ever.

Here she is in 2009 singing at a New York Yankees game. Another amazing performance.

This is a particularly emotional one from 2003 when she sang in Washington, D.C., at a 9/11 memorial service

Finally, here she is in Texas territory again, singing at a Dallas Cowboys game in 2006. I love the little cheerleaders in the background!

Which Kelly Clarkson rendition of the National Anthem do you like best?

Image via YouTube

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