Lady Gaga Flashes Breasts & We Are Underwhelmed

Meat dress, meet breasts. Lady Gaga was honored as a style icon at the CFDA Fashion Awards last night, and true to form, her outfit was designed to spark a conversation. Sausaged into a black bustier, sheer bodysuit, and insane 10-inch black platforms, Gaga teetered out on stage to accept her award—then posed for photographs with her arms raised, fully exposing her Lady Tatas to the crowd.

There are wardrobe malfunctions, and then there's the act of gratuitously whipping out your tits for the cameras. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Lady Gaga's "accidental" double nip slip falls into the latter category. It looked so deliberate, I'm frankly surprised no one threw Mardi Gras beads at her.

Apparently unsatisfied with the amount of skin she showed during the awards ceremony, Gaga stripped down for the afterparty and hit the dance floor in a ... well, I don't even know how to describe it, really.


She wore the aforementioned mesh bodysuit, with basically nothing underneath except a sort of metal spiked thong. How she sat down without impaling herself is anyone's guess.

She did technically cover up the nipples, though, so feel free to enjoy these images at work! Assuming your boss also enjoys softcore pornography!

There's a lot that I like about Lady Gaga, or maybe it's more accurate to say that I admire her business acumen and ability to consistently market herself as a product. She's created a persona that appeals to millions of fans, and if people are interpreting her message of individuality and self-love in positive ways, well, that's completely awesome.

I wonder, though, where she can really go from here. If a big part of her popularity stems from being visually outrageous, what comes next after the bizarre outfits and naked body parts? At just 25 years old, Gaga potentially has many years of fame in front of her—at what point do her fashion antics stop intriguing us, and start feeling desperate and boring?

My theory is that if you have to flash your boobs like a drunk sorority girl mugging for Joe Francis, you're more than halfway there. Yay for being empowered and not giving a damn and all that, but I think Lady Gaga may be on the verge of overexposure, in every sense of the word.

On the other hand, here I am writing an article about her because of her outfit, or lack thereof. Well played, Gaga. *reluctant golf clap*

What do you think about Lady Gaga's skintastic Fashion Award outfit?

Image via SplashNews

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