Lady Gaga Should Take Eminem Diss as a Compliment

eminemHow's this for a mind-boggling epiphany about pop culture: Eminem is the new "Weird Al" Yankovich. Hey, it's not too far off! The rapper may take himself seriously (I don't know actually -- does he?), but to everyone else, some of what he does is so kooky, we can't help but snicker or roll our eyes. And like Weird Al, he seems to have a penchant for putting fellow pop icons in their place, bringin' 'em down a notch with scathing lyrics. The latest victim of his song-shaming is Lady Gaga

In his new song with rapper Royce Da 5'9" called "A Kiss" from the EP Hell: The Sequel, he raps these eye-rollingly "edgy" lines ...


"Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/She’s still a male lady."

It gets even more, um, graphic, but the point is that he thinks she's hiding man parts. Lovely. But you know, I'm sure it doesn't bother Gaga in the least. She loves to joke about the hermaphrodite thing. It's so delusional/misogynistic that she just laughs that she's "fascinated by it." What's more, getting slammed in an Eminem song is almost like a rite of passage in pop culture. Like being mocked by Weird Al! You know you've hit it big when Em takes you to task in his lyrics.

Just consider these other big name celebs who have also been name-checked by the Detroit rapper. (Note: These are typical, vulgar Eminem lyrics ahead -- albeit bleeped and paraphrased -- so don't say I didn't warn you!)

Britney Spears - Maybe Em hates Gaga cuz she's stealing his longtime crush Britney's thunder? In the track "Same Song & Dance," he confesses his love for B: "I’ll share my Valium with you, cos I'm feeling you Britney/I’ll trade you a blue one for a pink one ever since at schoolgirl juvenile delinquent/I've been feeling you ooh ooh girl you sexy little girl."

Mariah Carey - Just about everyone knows by now that these two have a history of bashing one another back and forth in their songs. Their feud's almost a parody of itself now. Exhibit A, lyrics to "The Warning": "Damn, Slim. Mariah played you. Mariah who?" Suuuure he doesn't know.

Justin Bieber - In "A Kiss," Em says "evil runs through" the Biebs. Plus, "Him don't give a damn how Bieber doing." Alrighty then. I'm sure he's not interested in you either, Em.

Katy Perry - Apparently, Katy is one pop star who fits Em's version of a "Teenage Dream." "A Kiss" also features the lyrics, "Aw hell Shady, he'll tell it like it is/So Katy Perry he's on her tail/He's tailgaiting."

Perez Hilton - In a song called "Oh No," he raps: "Shove a tie fighter up Perez Hilton's @ss. Sh--, almost forgot that he's always shoving something up his @ss, so why not???"

Nicki Minaj - In another track with Royce Da 5'9" called "Fast Lane," he says, "I hope I don’t sound too heinous when I say this, but Nicki Minaj, but I want to ... [reference to anal sex]."

In other words, it's hard to be someone Eminem actually likes, but either way, celebs who land in one of his songs must know that diss or no diss, they've arrived.

What do you think of Em's celeb disses?


Image via Courtney Bolton/Flickr

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