Mila Kunis Needs a More Manly Dude Than Justin Timberlake

Mila Kunis Justin TimberlakeMila Kunis says she's not dating Justin Timberlake. Repeat. Not dating. They're just friends with um, benefits, not surprisingly. So who else wants to see it stay that way?

Are you raising your hand and waving it around wildly? OK, OK, calm down. Despite grabbing a big handful of his nads during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, Kunis says it's a no go with JT. So, can we remind her of this a few extra times so she KEEPS it that way? Because an itsy bitsy pattern was emerging there Mila, and we think you deserve someone, dare we say it, a bit more manly?


First there was that eight-year relationship with one Macaulay Culkin. I'm sorry, I just cannot call him Mac. Can't do it. I still see the little boy smacking aftershave onto his baby cheeks and screaming in the mirror in Home Alone ... just like the REST of America. Technically he may be nearing 31, but in our hearts, he will always pint-sized Kevin McCallister.

In that vein, Mila dear, America tends to see Justin as, well, that little boy from the Mickey Mouse club with the cherub curls? Or maybe, MAYBE, the teenager who pranced around onstage with 'NSync? His picture was in our lockers, maybe, not in our dorms.

At almost 28, Mila is actually younger than both of the men she's been most recently linked to. But go by their reputations, and let's just throw it out there, if she keeps knocking around with our boy stars, she's going to get her own reputation as a bit of a cougar. It's time she gets herself a more manly man. How about some of these eligible bachelors?

Jake Gyllenhaal -- He's been down the child star road himself with Taylor Swift, so they can swap stories. But really, how much more manly does it get than Jarhead?

Bradley Cooper -- Renee Zellweger's out of the picture, Jennifer Aniston hasn't taken us up on the suggestion, come on Mila, time's a wasting! Seriously, The Hangover 2 star is intelligent (a graduate of the Honors program at Georgetown) and seeeeexy as hell. He's also eight years older than Mila -- old enough, but not creepy old, ya know?

Ryan Reynolds -- Since his devastating divorce from Scar Jo, we knew someone would have to snap this superhero (hello, Green Lantern!) up. Not only is he sex on a stick, but he's also Canadian -- so none of that "little American treasure" stuff that JT and Macaulay (sorry dude, still not buying Mac) fall under, and he's appropriately older at seven years.

What do you think? Did you see chemistry between Mila and JT or did you think she needed someone more manly?

Image via Getty Images/Kevin Winter

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