Best 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Quotes & Their Everyday Uses

Real Housewives of Orange CountyLet's face it, for all the entertainment they provide, there are few things from The Real Housewives of any city that are relatable to real life. From their designer clothing and crazy coiffed hair that they wear while sipping wine all day, to the knock-out, drag-down DRAMA that makes our biggest nemesis look like a pussycat, there aren't many life lessons we can take away ... unless one needs to learn how to establish that your husband has had the most Lamborghinis or how to get the biggest lips in town.

Lest anyone try to convince you that watching is a waste of time, however, there is a place where all those hours can pay off -- in your everyday conversations. Each episode is bubbling with verbal gifts that are ours for the taking to pepper in and pep up our mundane conversations.


Since we just saw the finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County last night, let's use them to illustrate. Here are eight of the best quotes from RHWOC and suggestions as to how you too can use them by substituting a few words and names here and there:

1. "Leave it to Alexis who lives on like Jesus lane to be tying up Jim up on a chair." -- Gretchen Rossi speaking of Alexis Bellino

You: When speaking about your hypocritical neighbor.

2. "I am so naked." -- Tamra Barney

You: Anytime all of your clothes are off.

3. "Do I need vaginal rejuvenation?" -- another gem from Tamra

You: Whenever conversation needs a kick start.

4. "Boobs are great no matter what. It's like pizza, there's no bad pizza." -- Peggy Tanous's husband, Micah

You: Whenever your BFF is feeling bad about her boobs.

5. "What do I need to do, set myself on fire to meet the fireman?" -- Vicki Gunvalson

You: When you want to confuse someone.

6. "Holy flipping vaginas!" -- Vicki again

You: When you get tired of OMG, sub this instead.

7. "I don't care if you're scrubbing a toilet, you can still bling it up." -- Alexis

You: When you want to wear your tiara to scrub your toilet.

8. "Everybody's got a little pocket gay, it's like a little accessory. It's like a chihuahua now." -- Tamra yet again.

You: When you want to sound like you are in the know ... and aren't worried about offending.

What were your favorite quotes from this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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