Mom of '16 & Pregnant' Star Whitney Purvis Arrested

Just when you think it can't get any more depressing for the girls of 16 and Pregnant, it does! Whitney Purvis, one of the stars of the first season of MTV's hit show, was pregnant at the same time as her mother, and now that same mother was arrested for being in possession of marijuana and meth. Awesome, right?

Both the mom and the man she was with (her boyfriend?) were charged with a misdemeanor for the pot, but Purvis was hit with a felony charge for the meth. As of TMZ's last reporting, the two were still in jail.

Is it any wonder this woman's teenager got pregnant?


Oh I know we aren't supposed to blame the parents, but sometimes it's just glaringly obvious and this time is one of those. Clearly this wasn't a mom with an eye on her teenager given she was just arrested for drugs in a car with some man while her baby is G-d knows where.

There is judgemental, which is bad. And then there is just fact. It's a fact that this mother is probably not doing the best parenting while she is getting high on meth, which is arguably the worst, most deadly, and most dangerous of all the illegal drugs available on the black market.

For her family's sake, I hope she gets help, but this is just another depressing story from a franchise that can't seem to keep its participants out of trouble, despite the little bit of fame and extra cash MTV afforded them.

People keep asking if the show is good or bad, and I am thinking the answer is good. Purvis would have been just another embarrassing arrest if MTV hadn't stepped in. Now she is publicly humiliated and maybe her arrest will lead to real change for the child she still has time to mold correctly.

Does this surprise you?


Image via MTV

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