Trace Adkins Loses Home to Fire, but Proves Memories Are What Matter (VIDEO)

Trace Adkins

Tragically, country music singer Trace Adkins lost his Nashville home to a fire this weekend. Thanks to good fire safety instruction from their school, his three daughters who were home when the fire broke out, are fine. While they've lost plenty of possessions and mementos, it's memories like the ones Adkins sings about in his new song "Just Fishin'" that nothing can take away.

A far cry from his hit "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk‬," the new song and video -- coincidentally  released this week and just in time for Father's Day -- show a much softer, gentler side of the country singer.  They're beautiful and powerful expressions about a father and daughter's relationship and making memories.

Adkins knows plenty about daughters as he has five of them. The video features his youngest, Trinity. Check it out and see what you think. Warning: You will likely need tissues.


Pretty sweet, huh? Even if you're not a fan of country music, I think it's one of those songs that everyone can relate to in some way. Whether your father was missing from your life, or your own daughter doesn't know her father, or your relationship with your father was idyllic, I think it pulls at everyone's heartstrings in some way.

My daughter and husband have such a sweet and special bond. I love nothing more to watch them interact and see the mutual adoration they share for one another. There's just something about daddies and daughters that is so powerful, and a copy of this song would make a sweet gift for Father's Day.

I also get misty listening to it as I grew up going fishing with my own father.  Out to the lake we'd go early in the morning when the world was dark. I'd cook up bacon and eggs on a little Coleman stove, and we'd see what we could catch. While at the time I thought  we were "just fishing," I know Trace is right -- we were doing so much more, as those are some of my most special memories with my dad.

Best wishes to Adkins and his family as they put the pieces of their lives back together in the wake of this fire. While they may never get the photographs and cherished family heirlooms back, they have what they really need -- each other -- and time to make more memories

What do you think of Trace Adkins' song "Just Fishin'"?

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