Denise Richards Really Is a 'Goddess' to Charlie Sheen

charlie and goddessI never thought much of Denise Richards before, and I don't mean I never thought very highly of her, I mean I never thought of her at all. I just sort of wrote her off as a pretty girl with bad taste in men and movie roles and that was that. I certainly never expected to be impressed by her selflessness, wisdom and compassion ... but I am now! Turns out that Richards offered to act as a foster mom to the 2-year-old twin sons of ex-husband Charlie Sheen (with his more recent ex-wife, Brooke Mueller) during their recent drug-fueled rocky patch. 


Sheen and Mueller reached a joint custody agreement this week, so Richards never actually got the chance to bring the twins into her own home, where they would have joined their half-sisters Sam, 7 and Lola, 6. But the fact that she was willing to forgive some of the most outrageous behavior any woman has ever had to deal with and make Sheen's twins part of her own family ranks her right under Oprah and Mother Theresa on the Incredibly Generous Women scale.

The fact that Richards made this gesture at all is proof that she's a big enough person to look at those twins and see them as her own children's siblings instead of her ex-husband's kids with another woman. That's a huge deal, in case you didn't know -- lots of average divorced people whose histories don't include hookers and trolls and drug busts and tiger blood have a hard time achieving this level of zen acceptance. It also leads me to believe that in addition to being a super tolerant ex-wife, Richards must be a pretty great mom, too. Sam and Lola will no doubt grow up knowing the true meaning of the word family, and for kids whose last name happens to be Sheen, that's saying a lot.

Were you impressed by Denise Richards' offer to take care of Charlie's twins?


Image via justaufo/Flickr

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