Manzo Brothers Show Will Prove ‘Housewives’ Have More Fun

albie and chris manzoBravo will not rest at complete and total television domination. And they also will not rest until each cast member of the Housewives franchise is a star in their own right (on their own network). Enter Albie and Chris Manzo, sons of New Jersey Housewife Caroline, and their new web series, Boys to Manzo. (They may not want to rest until they find a better title either.)

The latest Housewives spin-off is not the Untitled Ramona Singer Project, much to her chagrin, but a voyeuristic view as the brothers Manzo and their friend Greg (the one with the dog from this week's episode) navigate their way through Hoboken, New Jersey. It will be amusing. It will get old. It will be broadcast on

Good move not going full throttle on this one, Bravo, 'cause this show has a one-way ticket to D.C./Miami Housewives heaven.


I respect the effort, though, trying to appeal to a different demographic. And hey, you guys probably know what you're doing more than I, an avid Bravo watcher, do. You banked on Bethenny Frankel (and I agreed with you), and it paid off. Maybe this will, too. Probably not. But maybe. (But probably not.)

See, in this boob tuber's opinion, Bravo is a ladies' channel. And what I mean by "ladies" is the audience is a little bit older than the MTV/Jersey Shore watching bunch. We watch shows about moms, shows about decorating, shows about cooking. Caroline Manzo's sons are fine in bits and pieces, but I don't know if watching them mix Red Bull with vodka before taking the train into the city is going to be our bag. Of course, if it was on TV, we'd probably check it out, but since it's on the web -- and it will require a few more steps than hitting "power" on our remote (and we'll have to wait for it to buffer and sit through a commercial) -- we're probably going to have to sit this one out.

Sorry, Albie. Your boyish good looks aren't going to cut it this time.

Will you watch Boys to Manzo?


Image via Bravo

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