Highlight of 'America's Got Talent' Premiere Confirms Judges are Heartless (VIDEO)

primitivo montoya america's got talentLast night's premiere of America's Got Talent had its fair share of outstanding acts and serious duds. But arguably the highlight of the 2-hour premiere was Primitivo Montoya, a  utility worker from Denver.

In the midst of his (truly horrible) performance, Montoya did a cartwheel and fell off the stage. Judging by the sound of the thud, he may have possibly landed on his head.

So what did the judges do? Oh, nothing.

Take a look:


That. Poor. Man.

You can tell that Montoya actually takes what he's doing seriously. Sure, the crafted star T-shirt that his mother most likely made him may not exactly be the epitome of high fashion, but at least he's excited to get his big shot. From the get-go, his performance was off beat, more-than off tune, and just well, awkward in general. Hell, I'd compare it to a car crash.

But that fall, well, that fall looked (and sounded) like it REALLY hurt. I just can't get over the fact that no one ran to him. Sure, Howie gets up -- and peaks onto the floor below him. But instead of consoling the man, he looks at him with disgust -- and then gives him the big 'X'.  And his face! It looks like someone just told him he has $37,500 of college debt left to pay. It's OK buddy. I know the feeling.

Props to the guy that he had the balls to get back on the stage and finish his act. But I'd have to say that was one of the most uncomfortable auditions I've ever watched on a performance reality TV show. Even more uncomfortable than American Idol's William Hung. Actually, he was just hilarious.

What do you think of Montoya's big fall?

Image via NBC


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