'16 and Pregnant': Izabella Has Nothing to Hide

On Tuesday night's episode of 16 and Pregnant, we met Izabella, a 10th grader who seems to have everything going for her -- friends, intelligence, supportive family -- until she decides to get pregnant and mess it all up. Rather than admit what she and boyfriend Jairo have done, Izabella instead chooses to hide her pregnancy from everyone except her boyfriend and parents. 

Later, when they find out and become angry she is shocked. Well, I am not. Guess what: If you lie to your friends and family for months, they will be upset. Yes, one could say it is none of their business because, well, it isn't. On the other hand, should you really do something of which you feel so ashamed?

Luckily for Izabella, she has parents who still want her to meet all of her goals. This episode was not nearly as depressing as past ones because it seemed clear that she will still finish high school and college.


Her mother runs a daycare business, which would obviously provide a huge amount of help to Izabella, but even more than that, Izabella's parents embrace a pretty generous philosophy. They feel like it is their responsibility to get their daughter through high school and college and provide both her and her baby son Enrique (and her boyfriend) with adequate housing, food and childcare until that is done. Pretty amazing.

As my husband and I watched, we both agreed that if we ever found ourselves in this situation with our daughter (G-d forbid), we would do the same. And they took flak for it. Izabella's uncle in particular said that the kids needed to grow up and be on their own.

He is wrong. A 15-year-old and her 17-year-old high school drop out boyfriend would not go anywhere good together without their full education and an opportunity to have a future. And as we have seen from all the other teen moms on this show, it is hard to do those things on your own with no help.

Babies are expensive. Even in your early 30's with professional careers and graduate degrees, let alone without a high school diploma at the age of 15.

As lucky as Izabella is family-wise, she is less so with friends. Or so it would seem. Her best friend Cassidy dumped her after learning she was pregnant. However, in Cassidy's defense, her best friend lied to her and avoided her all summer and then only told her she was pregnant after she had already told MTV and all their cameras.

That's a lot for a 15-year-old to swallow and only proves how desperately immature Izabella is even though she seems together in many ways. She is not ready to be on her own with a baby and she is very lucky that her parents see that.

If anyone could be a teen mom and still make an impressive life for themselves, it is Izabella.

Did this episode make you happy (ish)?


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