Celebrities React to the Death of Rap Legend Gil Scott Heron

gil scott heronGil Scott-Heron, musician, poet, and activist best known for giving us the spoken-word piece "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," died on Friday at the age of 62. Scott-Heron was sometimes called "The Godfather of Rap," and while he apparently never liked like the moniker, there's no denying the huge influence he had on so many of today's hip-hop artists. When news of Scott-Heron's broke, rappers, hip-hop artists, and filmmakers expressed their sorrow via -- what else -- twitter.

Here's what they had to say.

From Usher:

usher twitter scott-heron


From Eminem:

eminem scott heron

From Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker:

michael moore scott-heron tweet

From Snoop Dogg:

snoop dog twitter scott-heron

From Public Enemy frontman Chuck D:

chuck d twitter

From Cee Lo Green:

cee lo green twitter


Some of you may be more familiar with those he influenced rather than the man himself, and so you may want to check out this video tribute to Gil Scott-Heron to take a look at some of his work. It's well worth it.


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