'Teen Mom' vs. 'Real Housewife' Beatdown Extravaganza!

jenelle evans teen momYou've got to hand it to Jenelle Evans. We've spent months shaking our heads at the Teen Mom 2 star's utter lack of direction in life, but good news y'all! It's landing her a job fighting Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub! And we get to stand on the sidelines and snicker.

After the knock-down drag-out fight that landed the teenager in jail, and put Evans neck and neck with Amber Portwood as angriest Teen Mom star ever, the Celebrity Boxing Foundation showed up to try to bail her out of trouble. In exchange, they're trying to put Evans in the ring with Staub, one of the crankiest housewives ... which is saying a lot now, isn't it? 


It's pretty clear what the "foundation" gets out of this. They want to gain notoriety, natch. And moo-lah. Evans gets out of jail -- the "foundation" has said they'll pay off Brittany Truett, the girl who Evans beat up, to drop the charges. She gets to act like a misguided teenager in front of thousands of people and get PAID for it. Oh wait, she has that job already. Anyhoo. Staub has got a line of people suing her for money; she could use the cash.

So what do WE get out of this?

Hello! Let's repeat this. Jenelle Evans fighting Danielle Staub. Two of reality TV's cattiest, dirtiest fighters, in the ring, TOGETHER.

This is BETTER than Jenelle challenging Kim Kardashian to a fight. Kim, as we've seen before, is a wussy fighter. But Danielle is devious. Manipulative. AND she's taken boxing lessons. She actually knows what she's doing. And then there's Jenelle, who we've watching climb on top of another girl and keep on hitting. She doesn't NEED training.

So who is your money on?


Image via MTV

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