Justin Bieber Kissing Selena in Hawaii Destroys Thousands (of Hearts)

BREAKING: your heart. If you're a true Belieber, you've probably already seen the devastating images of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez vacationing in Hawaii. Carving a path of destruction through an untold number of unrequited teenage crushes, the raw images show many their worst fear:

Justin Bieber is off the market.

The details aren't fully known at this time, but it's believed that Gomez first exchanged several kisses with Bieber while riding a jet-ski together, then the couple held hands on a beach. The PDA eventually escalated to a bikini-clad Gomez straddling Bieber in a sustained make-out session that was captured in a series of historical photographs.

It's difficult to assess the widespread damage, but it's safe to assume some young fans are never going to be the same.


While Beliebers struggle to comprehend how such an event could have happened, thousands are taking to Twitter to try and find some kind of solace in a tragedy that defies explanation.

Some wonder if the devastating moment could have possibly been prevented:

Some are brave enough to share their turbulent inner feelings:

Most disturbingly of all, some are even being moved to question their own faith:

In a time like this while the tears flow and horrific images cannot be unseen, it's important to remember that God moves in mysterious ways. God made teenagers to be total boner-popping horndogs, and it is not up to us to understand why.

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