'Real Housewife' Gretchen Rossi Stops at Nothing to Hide Her Secrets

gretchen rossiLike most Housewives, Gretchen Rossi shares a lot with the cameras. We've seen her naked wasted. We've seen her grieve the loss of her fiance. And we've seen her repeatedly call her current boyfriend fat. (I'm no Slade fan, but man, sometimes you gotta feel bad for the guy.) But as open as we like to think Gretchen is, it's recently been made clear that the reality star has some skeletons in her closet -- and she desperately doesn't want us finding them out.

See, Gretchen is involved with some legal stuff with her ex-boyfriend, Jay Photoglou. Both are suing each other for libel, defamation, blah blah blah. Gretchen has asked the judge to grant a protective order, which, in layman's terms, would basically prevent Jay from saying anything about Gretchen and the trial at all. Jay and his lawyer are all, "Heeeellll no." And can you blame them? Why should Jay be the only one to have to shut his trap?


The fact that Gretchen is the star of a reality show gives her both an advantage and a drawback. The advantage is that she can say anything she wants about anyone on national television and they can't do a damn thing about it. The drawback, of course, is that because she's a "star," she doesn't want the public knowing her dirty(er) laundry. This is where a "cake and eating it too" reference would go nicely.

Thing is, though, Gretchen and Jay are both suing each other. Why should Gretchen get to grant her ex a "be quiet" clause? If Jay isn't allowed to talk, Gretchen shouldn't be allowed to either. Photoglou and his attorney say it best:

The protective order is patently unfair as it is one-sided and seeks to limit the public from knowing Photoglou's side of the story only. Since the PO only limits discovery, it does not prevent Rossi or her camp from continuing to spread vicious lies and private and personal information about Photoglou to the public.

Amen. But what I (and you!) really want to know is, what is that girl hiding? Must be something good if she's going to all this trouble. Legal battles within legal battles. That's some juicy stuff right there.

What do you think Gretchen is hiding? Do you think she should be able to silence her ex?


Image via Bravo

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