Canadians Caught Getting High With Justin Bieber

marijuana plantBaby, baby, baby, ohhh ... I'm so stoned. Justin Bieber's name is apparently being lent to a strain of grass. AKA weed. Ganja. Marijuana. Herbal refreshments.

The marijuana, which is making the rounds in Bieber's homeland of Canada, is called J.B. Kush, and after a few hits, apparently it "helps you get through those tough times with your loved one and make you closer." Umm ... okay?


As funny as this is -- and it is pretty funny -- Biebs is kinda ticked off. And you can't really blame the guy. I mean, he is a teen icon and people are associating his name with drugs. There's really nothing he can do about it, though, so he may as well take a load off and laugh with the rest of us.

I mean, think about it. A bunch of stoners sitting around, doin' what they do. One stoner turns to the other and is all, "Man this Bieber s**t is good." Maybe it will possess people to run out and buy purple hoodies and high tops in their hazy state. Possibly cut their hair into a fancy little side-swooped 'do. Hey, it's better than the Charlie Sheen weed, which only makes you see three-headed demons and gives you a hankering for hookers. Or what about the Britney Spears ganj? All that does is make you want to eat Cheetos 'til you burst. Come on, Bieber, this is funny! Laugh with us! You're still not laughing.

Okay, look, we know drugs are bad. You know drugs are bad. We know you know drugs are bad. No one is associating you with the actual drug itself. Er, scratch that, they actually are, but hey -- your weed is a loving weed. You help bring people closer, you heal relationships. That's new territory for you, JB, because with all your catchy tunes and killer dance moves, you're only making girls fall in love with you -- and that's not good for anybody's relationship, now is it?

What do you think of JB Kush?

Image via El Pablo!/Flickr

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