Kim Kardashian Engaged: What's the Rush?

kim kardashianIt finally -- er, really quickly -- happened! Kim Kardashian is engaged to New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. The two have been dating for six months and the bombshell reality star was "shocked" when she walked in and saw Humphries down on bended knee.

Humphries went for the ol' standby -- albeit romantic -- proposal. He spelled "Will you marry me?" out in rose petals on the floor of her Beverly Hills home and waited for her to come home. She was completely taken off guard, but needless to say, she said yes! She told People:

I didn't expect this at all. I was in such shock. I never thought it would happen at home, and I never thought now.

Well, happen it did ... and wait 'til you hear about her INSANE ring. (Hint: It would make Liz Taylor green with envy.)


Ready? Are you sitting down? Kim's ring is 20.5 CARATS! Holy mother of mothers! That's, like, a Frisbee. (And much bigger than sister Khloe's measly 9-carat ring. But who's keeping track?)

And the over-the-topness didn't stop there! Mom Kris (not to be confused with fiance Kris) brought in two mini-horses covered in glitter to their engagement celebration. It was half joke, half serious, wholly out-of-control.

We're super happy for Kim, because who doesn't love nuptials followed by a good bash (and we're obviously being invited), but we're a little bit, teensy-weensy concerned that these two crazy kids rushed into things. I mean, six months isn't all that long. What if Kris has some really annoying habit that Kim doesn't know about yet? What if she has one Kris doesn't know about? (Just kidding, Kim doesn't have any annoying habits.) I mean, this will be Kim's second marriage. We want it to last.

If we're wrong -- and we hope we are -- we're wrong. But right now who cares what we think because these two lovebirds seem super happy. And it was the perfect excuse to bust out the glittered mini-horses. Congrats, guys.

Do you think Kim rushed into it with Kris?


Image via People

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