Estella Warren & 4 Actresses Who Are Older Than You Think

Estella Warren is a beautiful actress and model who made her mark in modeling and in movies like Planet of the Apes, but Monday night, she was any belligerent drunk driver, picked up on a road in Los Angeles. Besides being out of control and resistant to her arrest, Warren was also listed as 40 years old -- eight years older than she has claimed to be. 

On Wikipedia, her birthday is listed as December 23, 1978, which makes her almost exactly my age. And yet, I know that isn't true from my only memories of her in movies and magazines. She was actually born in 1970, it seems.

She may have fooled directors and producers, but who could blame her? Life in Hollywood isn't easy for an older actress. But eight years is an awful lot to shave off. Here are some other actresses I suspect are doing more fibbing than truth telling when it comes to age:


Catherine Zeta-Jones: At 41, Zeta-Jones is married to Michael Douglas and has given birth to two children. But I don't believe she is that age for a second. It's amazing what plastic surgeons can do, but when Zeta-Jones was claiming to be mid-30s, she looked well into her 40s. I don't believe she is 41, and given her older husband, my hunch is probably correct.

Angelina Jolie: Claims to be 35. Pardon me while I laugh. There is no way on G-d's green Earth that this woman is a day under 38. NO WAY, I repeat.

Charlize Theron: Theron claims to be 35, but her face tells a very different story.

Nicole Scherzinger: She has flat out admitted that she shaved two years off her age, claiming to be 28 when she was actually 30.

All of these women are gorgeous whether they're 18 or 38, but it's the age lying that gets to me. How does this solve anything in Hollywood when people just lie? Want better roles for older women? PROVE that older women still have it! Don't lie about your age!

Do you think these women are being truthful?


Images via AshleyCooper/Flickr; oparazzi photos/Flickr; sheksays/Flickr; Splash; and ABC

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