'16 and Pregnant': Kayla Needs a New Mom

Nothing is more depressing on 16 and Pregnant than the moms who have such bad parents themselves, and Kayla -- Tuesday night's star -- had one of the worst.

Kayla's mother was a teen mom herself, which isn't shocking, but what was shocking was the disregard with which Kayla's mother treated her. She was at her boyfriend's house every night, one night even leaving Kayla and her boyfriend Mike (who lives with them) AND their baby son Preston without heat all night.

They went to a hotel, but the oversight was a bit of a metaphor for Kayla's entire relationship with her mother. She is literally (and figuratively) leaving her daughter out in the cold.


Kayla suffered from an eating disorder and was struggling to gain the weight during her pregnancy, but her mother never cooked for her or sat down to dinner with her. She rarely made the doctor's appointments and wouldn't even drive her daughter to the hospital when she went into labor (she didn't believe her). Once Preston arrived, she refused to babysit or help Kayla finish school. And worst of all, she asked her anorexic daughter to help her diet a few weeks after Kayla gave birth.

Lucky for Kayla, she seems to have found a stand-up guy to father her child and not just in the usual, "well at least he didn't leave" 16 and Pregnant way. Mike is actually a full participant, getting up in the night with little Preston (who was by far the cutest little baby in this show's history!) and making bottles for him.

He works part-time, but spends the rest of his time caring for their son, which is how a father should act. In that regard, Kayla is luckier than many of the past girls. But as far as a mom? She could do so much better.

Her mother insists that the young couple, already hard up for cash and short on time, pay rent. And not just any rent. She wants $300 a month. To live in a crappy little house where the heat goes out, their landlord is nowhere to be found, and food isn't included.

I live in Massachusetts where the cost of living is arguably among the highest in the country, and you can get a semi-livable apartment in an urban area (with roommates) for $600 a month. So no one can convince me that the going rate for living in BFE with your mother and nothing included is $300.

Kayla kept saying that she and her mother used to be "best friends," but I saw no evidence of that. Her mother was cold and distant at best and downright neglectful at worst. If you treat your child like that, she will mess up her life. Kayla had big dreams -- college, nursing school -- and she seems like the kind of girl who could have reached them, but a 16-year-old/17-year-old (the age when she got pregnant and had Preston) needs their mother to be an example, to guide them, and heck, just to be there.

Kayla will be a good mom and maybe a good girlfriend to Mike. She seems like a great girl. But she wouldn't have had to be those things so soon if she had a mother who actually acted like a parent.

Did Kayla's mom make you mad, too?


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