Beyonce Backlash: 'Run the World' Lies to Women (VIDEOS)

beyonce girl dressed upAfter seeing the new Beyonce video 'Run the World,' I went on and on about how the pop diva and, in particular, her video for the song totally miss the mark on female power by essentially whittling our power down to one thing -- our sexuality. You know, the usual. Beyonce has performed the song about a thousand times this last week, even for Oprah, but I still stand in disappointment about a song with a good message being performed so terribly wrong.

And I'm not the only one who saw Beyonce's video and had to respond to it. Check out these two video responses to 'Run the World' -- both will probably leave you with your jaw dropped open.


Vlogger (that is video blogger) Amber @NineteenPercent put together this genius response to Beyonce's song, which in the music industry's hands has its fun claiming that women (or girls) somehow "rule the world." As if, right? For non-believers, NineteenPercent pulls out some bonafide facts and realities about women and all that ruling power we supposedly have, according to Beyonce, and reminds us how far from the truth this message really is.

WATCH this video response in which Amber says Beyonce is a liar:

God, it's so true that it's actually sad. Yeah, yeah, it's just a song. Beyonce just meant women run the world "in theory," meaning we're super strong and really hold all the men up. That's fine if that's what she meant. I get it. But it's equally as sad, and I'm pretty sure that's not what everyone is dancing around thinking about.

There's another video making the rounds, in which a group of young kids do their darnedest to re-enact Beyonce's 'Run the World' video. If the above video didn't freak you out, this one might. I mean, when you see a little girl, about five years old, in eye makeup and a blonde wig, pushing down and riding a toddler boy to show her girl power like Beyonce showed hers, it starts to really make you wish pop stars and all the rest of us were a whole lot better at teaching and portraying the true meaning of "girl power."

WATCH these cute kids perform Beyonce's video:

Gosh, it's scary enough to think that grown women are listening to this song like it's some kind of female power theme song -- even though the need for a woman's movement is alive and well (if you're not sure why, maybe you better watch Amber's video above again). However, it's extra scary to get a real glimpse at what kids, mainly girls, see and how they portray this story themselves when left to their own devices.

What's your response to these responses to Beyonce's video?


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