Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress Had One Weird Fetish

maria shriverIn the words of Dina Manzo, "Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama wants to skin Maria Shriver and wear her like last year's Versace." Boom.  Mildred Patty Baena is one creepy lady, ya'll. And it's not just because she slept with her married boss and raised his love child in secret for 10 years. Nor is it because she went to Maria for love advice while she was pregnant with said love child. And it's not even because she crawled into Maria's bed with Arnold after she left for work each morning, had sex with him, then bragged that she was more of a wife to him than her. It's because she is actually completely and totally obsessed with Maria.

Not only did Mildred tell friends she wanted to look like Maria because she was "naturally gorgeous," she actually went as far as to wear her clothes and jewelry around town. Holy Single White Female!


Now the affair is making a little more sense -- and getting more disturbing. All along, Mildred just wanted Maria's life. She wanted her face. She wanted her cash. And she wanted her husband. Save for some serious surgery and going on a robbing spree, only one of those things is actually obtainable.

In some way, it actually seems like she was in love with Maria. Of course she knew that she could never have her -- I'd imagine there would have been a lot more risk propositioning Maria, who is reserved and classy (and heterosexual) than propositioning her cigar aficionado buffoon of a husband. Mildred got the next best thing to Maria, Arnold.

And she stayed at the Shriver-Schwarzenegger household for a long time after her son was born. She easily could have left, or told Arnold to pay up or she'd spill the beans. It seems like she stayed for a reason -- and that reason wasn't the one away all the time on movie sets.

Whatever her excuse -- and his; yes, I think he's a giant dirtbag -- she's completely wrong. But I can understand lusting after Maria Shriver a little more than Arnold Schwarzegger. Blech.

What do you make Mildred's Maria Mania?

Image via schumachergirl1956/Flickr

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