'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Posche Fashion Show Drama (Again)

real housewives of new jerseyAfter last week's explosive premiere, one would think the drama would cool down for the ladies of New Jersey -- particularly Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. Not on Kathy Wakile's watch.

Teresa and Melissa were all set to deal with the effects of Christening-gate 2011 like good Housewives should -- by talking smack behind each other's backs non-stop. In fact, for the first portion of the show, that was all they did. Of course, each time Melissa launched into a two-hour dissertation on the origin of Teresa's jerk-like behavior, it was followed up with statements like, "This is so stupid, seriously," and "I don't want drama, I just want this to be done." Teresa, on the other hand, at least owned her cattiness by leaving such massively contradictory, totally idiotic comments at the door. Talk she did, though.


When the Giudices, Manzos, and Lauritas all got together for a day of fun pumpkin carving with the children, the conversation quickly turned to her brother Joe and his self-absorbed wife Melissa. Teresa let it all out there, saying how she's had it with them, doesn't need them, etc. But Caroline quickly reminded her that she couldn't hide much longer, because everyone's favorite day was quickly approaching -- The Posche Fashion Show (which Teresa and Jacqueline happened to be walking in, and coincidentally happened to be at the Brownstone). The kids scooped slime and guts from their pumpkins.

Meanwhile, across town at Posche, Melissa and Kathy were trying on all the fun new slutty clothes Kim D. got in. Melissa threw on a red number, strutted her stuff, and voila! Kim wants her walking in her fashion show. (See where this is going?) It's also worth mentioning that this scene marked the return of the one-and-only Kim G. (same weird voice, better haircut), who hates Teresa almost as much as Melissa. Oh, and Melissa managed to retell the christening story again here. ("It's done, though. Seriously, I want to move on.")

When the fashion show finally arrived (which came after a few Halloween scenes -- the only things you need to know about them are Joe, Teresa's brother, was Snooki; and Teresa was some sort of superhero named "Super T."), it was super awkward and tense.

Teresa sauntered backstage, where all the "models" were getting their hair and makeup did, walked up to Kathy and Melissa, and kissed them hello like nothing ever happened. The ladies were cordial, but you could tell something was brewing. When Melissa "worked" the runway -- which she certainly thought she did -- she was met with great applause from the 700 people she brought with her. When Teresa walked, you couldn't help but feel bad for her because she looked beyond uncomfortable. 

Afterwards, it seemed like everything was in the clear when Kathy walked up to Teresa and asked for "a word." Said word turned into a screaming match between the ladies, where Kathy essentially called Teresa a bad mom and Teresa got in Kathy's face and said, "I'm done with you. Done, done, done, done." Teresa tried dragging her mother in the middle, but Caroline put a stop to that -- she didn't want the older ladies seeing that s**t. Good for her.

While all this was going down, Melissa was standing there, wide-eyed, horribly fake "Oh God, how did this happen" face on. Caroline then got in her (and Kathy's) face about causing drama in "her house," to which Melissa resorted back to her go-to "I totally agree" statements.

Jacqueline had it right when she said that it seems like every time Teresa says "hi" or "congratulations," some sort of drama ensues. But at least she's not like Melissa -- all the drama without any of the onus.

What did you think of the episode?


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