'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Gretchen Gets Low

Gretchen RossiOn tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi's behavior was right up there with stealing candy from small children and kicking puppies. Her true mean girl core came out, and boy was it mean.

During Alexis Bellino's little luncheon fashion show to debut her Alexis Couture line of dresses, Vicki Gunvalson was glaringly absent from the planned "fabulous fashion and fabulous fun." As everyone assumed she was just busy with work, the show went on ... until Tamra Barney started getting texts from Vicki, who was at the hospital with "bleeding from her ass," as was so delicately described.


Tamra was worried and visibly upset about her friend; Alexis was visibly upset that her show was being disturbed; and Gretchen was just pissed that Vicki had the gall to get sick during Alexis's show. How dare she?!

It really had nothing to do with her being upset for Alexis's big day being ruined (as she sat there and made fun of the dresses herself), but her being rude, insensitive, and not subtle in the least. "I’m just not surprised that it’s all about Vicki right now ... she can never be happy for anyone else," Gretchen said, followed by the fact that she found Vicki's timing "ironic" about a zillion items.

It's one thing to think those kind of things, but to say them out loud just makes you a bitch. Imagine if something had turned out to be really wrong with Vicki. Gretchen got lucky, as reports from when the incident occurred in "real life" told us doctors were able to fix ulcers on her colon that were causing the bleeding, but Gretchen didn't know that when she was lobbing around her accusations.

Tamra pretty much summed up my thoughts when she said of Gretchen, "You rude, insensitive bitch. How could you even think like that? Because it’s something you would do?" Unfortunately, she only said it to the cameras instead of to Gretchen's face, or that would have been some good drama.

Gretchen looked even more insensitive as most of the episode leading up to that scene showed just how miserable Vicki is in her marriage to Donn. It's typically hard to feel sorry for hard-working, no-holds-barred Vicki, but tonight she was so vulnerable, it was hard not to ... at least a little.

She broke down to Tamra over tequila shots about her loveless, lifeless marriage in which they haven't had sex for two years, don't talk for weeks at a time, and pretty much lead separate lives. She confessed she's scared of being old and alone, but that her current situation isn't working either.

So for Gretchen to blame her for being sick on top of all that just made Gretchen look even worse ... if that's possible as of late. The whole conversation with Slade about his broke ass did nothing to take her out of the shallow/gold digger category either. And I used to really like Gretchen too.

At least Alexis benefited from Gretchen's bad behavior -- she now has a reason to blame for her flop of a fashion show besides her clothing.

Next week is the season finale, which is crazy, as it feels like we're just getting started. But oh does it look intense.

Do you think it was wrong of Gretchen Rossi to say Vicki Gunvalson was faking her illness? Did you think Vicki's timing was "ironic"?

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