5 Hot & Hunky Celebrity Beach Bodies

matthew mcconaugheyThis one's for the la-dies ... haaaayyyy ... We always seem to be bombarded with images of half-naked -- or fully naked -- female celebs. A nip-slip here, a swimsuit malfunction there. We practically know what every woman in Hollywood looks like without her clothes on. On the other hand, the dudes are a little more subdued. We need to dig a little deeper to see what they look like partially disrobed (some of them, at least). And dig we sure did. Check out these five guys with super shmexy bods.


Matthew McConaughey. Okay, so the entire free world knows what he looks like shirtless, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he looks so ... fine. Here's a little something to wet your beak for what's to come. Happy Monday, girls ...


hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman. Oh, hey, what's up, half-naked Hugh Jackman. How's it going? Do we think you look good for a 42-year-old dude? No. We think you look good for an 18-year-old pool boy.

john stamosJohn Stamos. Have mercy. It's Uncle Jesse, everyone! Except this isn't the Full House Uncle Jesse who played in a "rock band" and was married to a sweet lady named Becky. This is the Uncle Jesse of your fantasies, you dirty, dirty girl.

daniel craigDaniel Craig. Double 0-my God. Here's your international man of mystery (not Austin Powers) looking deliciously un-mysterious. Yes, please! (Maybe go easy on the sunscreen, though?)

mario lopezMario Lopez. Okay, so it's not exactly a shock that dude looks good shirtless, but just a little something we thought you'd enjoy. You're welcome. Now get back to work.

Did we leave anyone out?


Images via Splash News

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