5 'SNL' Surprises: Lady Gaga's Pregnant Belly & a 'Three-Way' (VIDEOS)

justin timberlake lady gagaSaturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels knew what he was doing when he opted to leave the SNL season finale in the hands of triple-threats Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. It's obvious that the more diverse the talents of the host and musical guest, the better the show. And from JT and Gaga, we got outstanding singing ability, smooth dance moves, and best of all, spot-on comedic timing. Oh yes -- it's true, JT said he "wouldn't sing," but shhh ... of course he did. Plus, Gaga wasn't just there to perform singles off of her album releasing Monday, Born This Way. She also earned big laughs in several sketches, because SURPRISE! -- in addition to being a gifted musician and performance artist, it turns out the 25-year-old is a very funny comedienne.

Although that alone may have been the biggest "OMG" for most of the audience, the show itself was filled with funny shockers. Here, five surprising moments ...


1. The "Three-way." It may not become as much as a meme as JT and Samberg's digital short "D-- in a Box," but "The Golden Rule" will go down in SNL history as a classic. If only because it featured Gaga. Picking up where their last short "Mother Lover" left off (hence including cameos by Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson), this installment featured the early '90s clothes-wearing, suavo duo letting us all know that "it's okay when it's a three-way" to get their freak on together. Hilarious!

2. Gaga's pregnant belly. Yeah, didn't you hear? She's prego! Sort of ... During her performance of "Born This Way," Gaga showed off her latest shocking stage-wear -- a "pregnant" belly. Then she proceeded to give a glittery "birth." You just have to watch. 

3. The "dreamy" co-star. Gaga had tweeted a few days ago that she might be performing with a surprise "dreamy" co-star on SNL. Being that we all knew JT was hosting this week, she had to be referring to another dreamy guest on the show. Turns out, it was Bradley Cooper, who showed up during "Weekend Update" to debate with Andy Samberg as Nic Cage. Love. Bradley. Swoon.


4. JT couldn't remember anyone's name. In a game show sketch called "What's That Name?" Justin remembered the name of the cartoon cat from Paula Abdul's music video, but couldn't figure out the monikers of a chick he slept with or fellow N'Sync'er Chris Kirkpatrick. Meanwhile, Gaga knew all her Little Monsters names, obvs. Coming from these two world-famous pop icons, the self-deprecating humor was especially awesome.


5. JT & Gaga "brought it on down" -- together. In a reprisal of his "Bring It On Down" sketch, Justin annoyed Kristen Wiig's "tea bag" character as the most hilarious bottle of beer you've ever seen sing and dance. Then, in her first sketch of the night, Gaga joined in as wine. Much like JT and Andy Samberg, it was obvious these two had a lot of funny on-screen chemistry.

What surprised you the most on last night's SNL?



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