Ultimate End of the World Party Playlist (VIDEOS)

baby with headphonesNo need to tell you that May 21 is doomsday, aka your last day on earth. You know that by now. And no need to tell you what to eat, what to wear, or how to party in your final hours on this planet. What we do need to tell you is what to listen to, though.

Here are 10 songs -- and videos -- to listen to before all hell (or hopefully heaven!) breaks loose.








"Rapture," Blondie. "Toooe to toooe." Everybody! Get in touch with your early '80s self (or if you weren't born yet, try this self on for size) with this classic Blondie tune. I mean, really, there couldn't be a better title for the occasion ...

"It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)," R.E.M. ... Except maybe this one. Classic last day on earth jam. And comforting! I mean, Lenny Bruce is not afraid. You shouldn't be either.

"Don't Dream It's Over," Crowded House. "Hey now, hey now ..." Love.

"Doomsday," Elvis Perkins. Are you a hipster? Yes? Then this is definitely the jam for you. If not, well, give it a listen to anyway 'cos it's a good song.

"Should I Stay or Should I Go?" The Clash. "One day is fine, the next is black." Hmm ... Maybe Mick Jones knows something we don't.

"Countdown to Armageddon," Public Enemy. What better way to bid adieu than with a little Chuck D. and Flavor Flav in his prime? 

"Do You Believe in Rapture?" Sonic Youth. How could you be scared with bad ass extraordinaire Kim Gordon nearby? That is so un-Kim.

"Bloody Sunday," U2. Sure, it's about the 14 innocent civilians the British Army killed, but it's totally applicable here too, because Sunday is going to be a bitch to clean up.

"The End of the World," The Cure. Spend your last hours with the guys who have been acting like it's the end of the world ... forever.

"The End," The Doors. Sure, this song may give you peyote-in-the-desert flashbacks, but Jim Morrison will help you break on through to the other side cool as a cucumber.

What songs have I missed?


Image via Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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