Is Rosie Perez a Real 'Law & Order: SVU' Victim?

rosie perezLooks like actress Rosie Perez is back in talks with the producers of Law & Order: SVU, which is good news for her considering she hasn't really done any acting since her stint on the show back in 2009. Best known for her role in Pineapple Express and White Men Can't Jump (at least that's how I know her, anyway), the 46-year-old actress has a bubbly, funny personality.

Well, that is -- unless she gets hurt.


According to reports, Rosie Perez filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the production companies behind the show, saying she was severely injured in 2009 while taping an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Of course, her "injury" isn't exactly new news. The actress suffered a slipped and bulging disc after the show's taping and has since had surgery on her neck. She appeared soon after surgery at the White House, in a wheelchair and a neck brace. And now, her lawyer, Brian O'Dwyer, is saying the pain is unbearable:

This is a case of a woman being severely injured because someone wasn’t taking care of the people who work for them -- and we’re going to make them pay.

I don't know about you, but I smell a little something aside from the bacon cupcake on my desk. Ahhhh yes, a publicity stunt. Almost two years after the episode, she's finally taking legal action? Really? You see, Ms. Perez hasn't exactly had a thriving career since her work on Law & Order: SVU. I can't help but assume that the money jar is starting to get just a little bit empty and she's looking into other sources of income.

You know who this whole fiasco reminds me of? A little man I like to call Charlie Sheen. Sure, he's attempting to sue Two and a Half Men for a casual $100 million, but at least he's doing some side work in the process. Not saying that his whole My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour is a good gig. But it's something.

In all honesty, I hope that Perez's injuries heal, and she gets the money that she actually deserves to pay for her previous surgery. But other than that, take your money train somewhere else. Money-hungry celebs are so totally last season.

What do you think about Rosie Perez suing Law & Order: SVU?

Image via Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr

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