Janice Dickinson Loses a Body Part in the Hamptons

Janice DickinsonAll Janice Dickinson wanted was her two false teeth ... and some new boobs, and Botox, and a nip over there, and maybe a tuck over here. Everybody's giving the "world's first supermodel" a hard time for misplacing two of her faux chompers in a Southampton restaurant and getting down on her hands and knees to find them, but I don't blame her. (Well, wouldn't you want to take a peek under the table if you couldn't find a couple of your teeth?)

Apparently, she also asked waitstaff to help her look, so her frantic search is being translated as a typical diva tantrum. Except she was crawling around on the floor with restaurant workers, cracking jokes about how her teeth were so expensive they could "feed a village." And that is why -- get ready, because I know you're going to vehemently disagree with me -- I love Janice Dickinson.


I don't care how many people she "offends" or "temporarily blinds" with her recent nude photos (the woman is 56, for Pete's sake! Cut her some slack!), Janice has never for one second pretended that any of her body parts haven't been repeatedly chemically altered. She's completely real about being fake, and in my book, that means she can get away with pretty much whatever she wants.

If Janice Dickinson screams at you on an episode of Celebrity Rehab, she doesn't try to play it off as a bad "moment." She just keeps on screaming about how benzo withdrawal is making her legitimately insane, so you know not to take her shrieking insults personally. And Janice doesn't just obligingly answer questions about plastic surgery or drug abuse honestly when asked -- she'll tell you before you even thought of the question!

I know, most of you are thinking TMI or She's too old for this. But I'll always appreciate Janice for being authentic underneath all those phony parts. Oh, and ANTM has been a snore-fest since she left.

Do you secretly like Janice Dickinson for telling it like it is?

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