5 Famous 'Stay-at-Home' Dads

We can debate all day whether a stay-at-home dad is sexy or not, but my vote is heavily with the yes. And the reason? The many, many hunky and manly men in Hollywood and beyond who stay at home with the kids and make us swoon all the more.

There are a number of dads who are primary dads, especially when their wives are off in the spotlight. Any good balanced family makes choices like these and it gives so much pleasure to see both men and women taking on this role.

But life is hard for stay-at-home dads. Some feel unwelcome at Mommy & Me and others feel like it's harder to make friends, so in honor of Father's Day and all those men who brave the stigma and the unenlightened comments, here are five famous stay-at-home dads like you:


Brad Pitt: When Angelina is off filming, who is at home with the brood? That would be Brad! Somehow he is even sexier in that role than any acting one before it.

Todd Palin: Say what you want about his politics, but Todd Palin is one sexy dude and his devotion to being home with the kiddos makes him even more so. As an oil worker, his work was on and off, and when his work was off, Palin was the stay-at-home dad. This is even more pronounced since his wife went from governor of Alaska to potential Presidential candidate.

James Rubin: As the husband of war journalist Christiane Amanpour, Rubin decided to stay home when it was clear his wife's career would continue to take her far away. Rubin was Madeline Albright’s assistant secretary of state for public affairs and her close adviser in 2000 when he decided to give up his high-level job and head with his wife to London to care for their infant son. Can we get a collective awwwww?

Ben Affleck: When Jen is away and Ben has no movies, he is full-time daddy to his daughters Violet and Seraphina and is often seen with them at the park or out and about. Adorable!

Joel Madden: Joel Madden was once super into his band Good Charlotte, but now it seems he is more into his two children with Nicole Richie. Good for him! Good dads are the best.

What do you think of stay-at-home dads?


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