'DWTS' Results: Ralph Macchio Demise Has an Upside

The results show for the ninth episode of Season 12 of DWTS was undoubtedly the saddest of all the shows so far, and seeing Ralph Macchio go home was hard.

I am still not entirely convinced he should have gone home, but I am equally not convinced that anyone else should have either. The fact is, Macchio's dances weren't as good as the others and so, yes, they had to go.

For the first time in DWTS history, all four of the final couples are good and likable. But for Macchio, going home Tuesday night isn't really an ending. In fact, I predict for him, this is a restart of sorts.


DWTS can either be a place where has-beens go to die or it can be a place where careers are ignited (Brooke Burke). For Macchio, I am sensing the latter.

It's clear that the once teen heartthrob has struggled to get work since Karate Kid, but no more. His showing on this program as a hard working, youth-faced (seriously, HOW does he still look 12?) family man who nailed all of his dances in the acting department may actually turn things around for him.

His name almost became a punch line and, like many '80s child stars, he could have taken himself too seriously and ended up on the Surreal Life, but instead he got married, had a family, and stayed loyal to who he is. On the show he danced well, but it was his likability and personality that kept him until the final four. I sense those same qualities are going to make people still want to see him even after the show ends.

Macchio's time on DWTS may be up, but his time in the spotlight may just be beginning again.

Do you think he will get more roles now?


Image via ABC

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