Blake Lively, You Can’t Change Leonardo DiCaprio

blake livelyWhat happens when two, smoking hot actors break up with their long time significant others then meet up in a fantastically lux city in the south of France? Blake Lively and Leonard DiCaprio is what!

Hide your eyes, Bar Rafaeli and Penn Badgley -- and maybe get together yourselves -- because there are some awfully incriminating, and kind of adorable, photos of your former flames yucking it up Cannes. Ouch. Scorch. Burn.

Before the world collectively gets their global panties in a bunch about the disgustingly adorable babies these two would create, let's take a moment to ponder a deeper issue. In regards to the U.S.'s stance on Afghanistan-- just kidding! Is Blake making a big mistake by getting together with the world's biggest commitment-phobe?



Despite his long-term girlfriends (who always seem to be models), Leo has a reputation of being a bit of a playboy, no? Whenever he's sans a better half, we seem to always hear stories of him and his "boys" in a dark corner of some VIP room, chatting it up with a few sexy ladies. And when he does have a girlfriend? Well, it doesn't seem to ever last. The proof is in the Gisele and Bar-flavored pudding.

But here's Blake. This up-and-coming, super hot actress traipsing around the world's greatest film festival, surely in one of her signature uber-minis, and she catches Leo's eye. What's a girl to do? Even I, a happily married woman, writing a post on why Blake should stay clear of Leo, would surely have a moment of weakness in that situation. Let's try it, Leo, and see how I react. Come on. It's for science. It's just an experiment!

Of course she's going to go for it! It's Leonardo DiCaprio! Romeo, Jack Dawson, Cobb from Inception! It's impossible to turn that fine piece of ... cinema down. But surely it will end in heart-ache, no? He's wise and experienced. She's young and eager. That doesn't necessarily make for a good combination long-term. (Short-term it's probably great, though.)

Perhaps they're just having a vacation fling, though. Actors do that, too, right? I mean, we've seen it ourselves, sometimes they are just like us. Either way, let's just hope that Blake errs on the side of caution, because that Leo, he can be a womanizer. A womanizer who should hit on me for science.

What do you think of this potential new couple?


Image via Dominique Charriau/Getty


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