5 Fabulous Ways to Show Your Taylor Lautner Love

Taylor Lautner Purse
$19.99; Amazon.com
Team Jacob, rejoice -- have we got something for you! Because the ongoing Edward or Jacob debate continues to wage on (and quite possibly always will), it's important that you step up to the plate and show where your Twilight loyalties lie.

Robert Pattinson got a lot of love last week, it being his birthday and all; and he and Kristen Stewart are all over the headlines, all the time. So it seems high time that Taylor Lautner gets some additional love, and we want to make it easy for you. Here are five of the best Taylor Lautner fan products beyond boring old t-shirts so you can personally pimp your favorite guy in style.


Taylor Lautner Purse You'll be a stylish gal about town with Taylor Lautner on your arm and always at your side.

Taylor Lautner thong
$6.99 OBO; Bonanza.com

Team Jacob Thong Whether anyone sees it is up to you, but you'll always know he's right there.

Taylor Lautner Standee
$38.99; Amazon.com

Life-size Cardboard Taylor Lautner The perfect accessory for any decor. Let him greet your guests in the entryway, or keep him all to yourself in the privacy of your own bedroom -- your choice.

 $7.99 OBO; Bonanza.com

Cake Topper Frosting Sheets Who knew such things even existed, but if you're having a party, one of these is a must.

Jacob Black Blanket
$38.99; Amazon.com
Jacob Black Fleece Blanket Snuggle into Taylor's chest and wrap his arms around you with this cozy fleece blanket.

What is your favorite Taylor Lautner fan gear?

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