Rihanna Can Be Friends With Her Abuser if She Wants

rihanna twitterWho knew one simple click could cause such an uproar? Fans of Rihanna were less than happy over the weekend when it came out that the pop star is now following ex Chris Brown on Twitter. Brown was arrested and charged with assault against the Barbados-born singer in 2009 after beating her. Apparently Rih got so many disgruntled mentions that she decided to respond herself: 

Its f@!*in twitter, not the alter [sic]! calm down

Wow. Someone's sick of the criticism, eh? The singer later apologized to her fans, but when it comes down to it, I see where she's coming from. It's her life (and only Twitter) after all.


First things first: I don't believe that Rihanna should ever go back to being friends, in person, with Chris Brown. After the whole freak-out at Good Morning America this year, it's clear that his emotional issues aren't really resolved. And as with any abusive relationship, it's crucial to get far away from anyone who causes you pain, especially physical.

With that said: Following Chris on Twitter isn't a big deal. It doesn't mean the former item will be enjoying a candlelit dinner this Friday night or playing a gig together tomorrow afternoon. Rihanna joins Brown's other 2,638,000+ followers. He will be one of the 300+ feeds she subscribes to, and I doubt that the singer will sit around and wait for his updates with bated breath and a bucket of popcorn. There will be no direct interaction between the two. In my eyes: No harm, no foul.

As Rihanna said in her tweet, it's only Twitter. This ISN'T some super major step toward reconciliation. If anything, the fact that the media has highlighted that they follow one another will only keep the duo far, far away from "saying" anything to the other on Twitter. If the initial follow caused such a tizzy, I can only imagine what a possible intoxicated, rage-filled tweet sesh would do. Right, Chris?

What do you think about Rihanna and Chris Brown following one another on Twitter? Bad idea or who cares?


Image via avrillllllla/Flickr

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