For Pippa Middleton, What Happens in Spain, Stays in Spain (PHOTO)

pippa middleton
Pippa at the airport
If it wasn't official before, it is now: I want to be Pippa Middleton. She's young, gorgeous, and currently tooling around in Madrid, Spain with a couple of gal pals and ex-flame George Percy. Because, really, what other way do you decompress from the wedding of the century than with a relaxing, champagne-filled vacay? Yes please.

Pippa looks gorgeous walking the streets in a strapless dress. Glamorous going for a sun-filled boat ride. And totally adorable while she's out for a night on the town. Life's good for the younger Middleton, wouldn't you say?

I mean, the world is at her fingertips right now. Parties, vacations, men all but dropping to their knees and proposing to her every corner she turns. It's good to be Pippa, and I hope she's enjoying her wild ride.

You know who it's probably not that good to be right now? Her is-he-or-isn't-he boyfriend, Alex Loudon.


Think about it. First the world becomes infatuated with his girlfriend's bottom -- so much so that Facebook groups and Twitter accounts are formed around it. Then a giant porn mogul asks her to be his latest star. Now here she is vacationing with a (very rich) ex. That's gotta sting a bit.

If they're still together -- which seems to be the question on every red-blooded male's mind right now -- well, he's probably feeling a tad insecure. If every woman in America was desiring my husband -- with such crazy intensity! -- I think a bit of a complex would arise. And if they're not, talk about a smack in the face!

We "regular folk" have the luxury of breaking up with someone (or being broken up with) and remaining somewhat in the dark. We only have to hear a couple stories and see a few Facebook photos with our ex and their new partner, and call it a day. We're not subject to a play-by-play of the vacation the happy new couple is on together, complete with romantic boat rides and late nights out. And if we weren't broken up with our partner, seeing such photos would kind of suck, no?

So, I feel a little bad for the tall, rich, athletic, privileged Alex Loudon. But let this be a lesson: Next time don't date such hot women.

Do you feel bad for Alex Loudon at all?


Image via Splash News

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